How does a bank protect itself from cyber crime? We're carrying out simulated cyber attacks to test how secure their data really is, so they can be safe, not sorry.

Staying one step ahead of the hackers

Online and mobile banking are technological conveniences that many of us take advantage of every day. The fact that we use this technology so frequently shows just how much trust we put in the security of these systems and their ability to protect our sensitive data online. But for the banks, protecting themselves and our data from cyber attacks is an endless pursuit.

We have been working with one of the world’s largest banks to help them stay one step ahead of the hackers. Using a technique known as ‘penetration testing’, our teams replicated the methods and tactics of skilled hackers to try and find holes and vulnerabilities in our client’s systems – including their mobile banking app, used by banking customers worldwide.

As well as locating the ‘back doors’ and unsecured entry points for these applications, we also supported the client in locking these down so that when the hackers come they have their work cut out. It’s this end-to-end process that makes our work so important, not just highlighting vulnerabilities but ensuring the right remedies are in place so that organisations are fully equipped to protect themselves and their customers.

Our support for the financial services industry has allowed us to improve the security of hundreds of applications to date, benefitting not only the industry itself but also its business and retail clients, who often take security for granted.

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