We're helping our clients to embrace automation, delivering a boost to productivity and a lift for employee morale.

Embracing automation: transforming productivity with robotics

Self-driving vehicles, chat bots and artificial intelligence are no longer a vision of the future, they are a reality of today. Many leading organisations are also now turning to robotics to transform the way their businesses operate. They are no longer just experimenting with "Robotics Process Automation," they are now looking at deploying this technology at scale. Over the past twelve months, Deloitte has been helping organisations across all industries with this major transformation – from financial services, to life sciences and manufacturing.

The breadth of our expertise allows us to tackle such transformative projects head on, from start to finish. We combine our deep industry and functional knowledge with our expertise in the latest technologies to find the right solutions, for each individual client. Equally importantly, our experience in managing change and risk means we can then execute these solutions in a way that is sustainable for the client.

As an example, we helped one of our financial services clients to identify hundreds of opportunities for automation. These were processes that were repetitive and tedious for their workforce, like ensuring funds are transferred correctly when a customer closes their bank account. Missing and inaccurate information often stops these refunds from being executed automatically and locating all of that information manually is cumbersome, time consuming and open to human error. The robot we built to automate this particular process has already reduced manual effort by thousands of hours with the added benefit of providing a full automatic audit trail for all customer refunds. For this process and the other numerous ones already identified, we are not only building and executing the robots that automate this repetitive work, we are also helping to manage the change to the business, providing the client with training and post go-live support.

The result for this client has not only been major productivity gains and improvements in quality, but also a boost in employer morale, allowing focus on higher value adding activities rather than the repetitive tasks that as humans we tire of so quickly.

With investment typically paid back within a year, and operational costs often reduced by over 80%, more and more of our clients are now looking to robotics to grow their businesses. To support this growing demand we’re expanding our capabilities by growing a network of robotics development centres across the world, allowing us to deliver scale quickly.

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