How can we make sure there's enough food on the table to feed a growing world's population? We're helping Syngenta to get the right products to the right farmers faster, unlocking $1bn in sustainable productivity.

Syngenta: Helping to unlock $1bn in sustainable productivity.

Syngenta is a global Swiss agribusiness that markets seeds and agrochemicals. In a difficult industry environment, the Syngenta Executive launched a productivity and cost savings campaign called AOL (Accelerated Operational Leverage) in order to increase the company’s margins and help counter the downturn. Deloitte was chosen to support Syngenta in developing and implementing the strategy for the commercial function and in further developing operational excellence capabilities.

The programme targeted an improvement in EBITDA margin through annualized efficiency gains of around $1 billion in 2018, to be achieved across all functions. Measures included simplification of market operations and margin improvement through sales force productivity. Deloitte teams proactively drove implementation across all AOL focus areas and continue to accompany Syngenta to drive a successful change in management approach within its organisation. Over the first year, all components of the AOL programme were on target.

"Deloitte has created a new capability in Operational Excellence which will allow Syngenta to sustain all the business transformation changes. Deloitte defined new capabilities in the Sales Strategy and Operations areas, developing and implementing new technologies with SFDC providing a better customer experience through better ways of working for the sales operations staff. Deloitte has also brought an outside-in perspective on how other companies make transformational change happen and challenges us on how we believe we will make the solutions sustainable in the different geographies"
Jorge Lopez, Global Program Manager and Commercial Transformation Lead, Syngenta AG
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